Breif overview of our tracking system
View a brief overview of our tracking system
Online Tracking or Order Entry
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Our system tracking and order entry is provided by our main software provider, Datatrac.

Existing users can login directly from their site by visiting

If you currently do not have a login to track and trace shipments, please request one through the use of our online contact form or by emailing us at

Fast Trac Transportation offers many forms of system communication depending upon your companies specific needs. From EDI standard formats to simple *.csv files and more complex custom methods.

Whatever methods you have, Fast Trac can work quickly to find a solution that will allow our system to communicate with yours or your software provider.

EDI, TMS, 210, CSV, XML and all the other terms often used between IT groups are meanlingless unless the systems communicate together, in real-time. This saves both companies value time and resources by allowing your operations staff to work within their system and concentrate on your business. It also allows our operations staff to concentrate more on the dispatching and movement of your shipments. There are no emails, phone calls or other distractions - simply information that flows from your system to ours and back again.

For more information specific to your companies needs and requirements please email us at or contact us via telephone call at (281) 869-5660.