• ** Terms and Conditions for transportation **


  1. These terms shall apply to all movements unless an alternative agreement is made in writing between both companies prior to the acceptance of cargo.
  2. Fast Trac will undertake to deliver the cargo tendered to it under reasonable dispatch utlizing available equipment and shall attempt to effeciuate delivery. Fast Trac does not guarantee that delivery will be effectuated to meet any particular market, dispatch, exhibition or sailing. Fast Trac does not accept liability for special or consequential damages for delays in delivery. The parties agree that in any event, Fast Trac's maximum liability for delay be an amount equal to the freight charges incurred.
  3. Fast Trac’s liability for cargo loss or damage will not exceed $0.50 per pound, up to $50,000 per shipment, ("Release Value") unless customer or shipper submits a written request for a higher Release Value, pays an additional charge based on the increased Release Value, and obtains written confirmation of the higher Release Value from an officer of Fast Trac. In no event shall Fast Trac be liable if the loss or damage is less than $50 per shipment. All intent for claims shall be filed within at least forty-eight (48) hours of completion of service. The parties agree that claims will be presented and adjusted in accordance with the guidelines established by the Interstate Commerce Commission and successor agencies and set forth at 49CFR1005. ICC Administrative Rulings 65 and 128 shall apply. No claim will be accepted and/or paid if the shippers account is not current or in good standing.
  4. For and in consideration of the transportation services to be provided, shipper agrees to pay to Fast Trac the applicable freight charges as set forth in its written circulars and rate tenders or confirmation unless otherwise herein specified. Pursuant to Section 7 of the uniform bill of lading incorporated herein by reference, both shipper and consignee, by signing this document, acknowledge joint and separate liability for the freight charges. Payment of freight charges to any entity other than Fast Trac will not discharge the payment obligation of the shipper, consignee and beneficial owner of the shipments.
  5. Shipper warrants that the shipment(s) tendered are properly packaged to withstand the rigor of transportation, will not contaminate other lading which may be co-loaded and contains no toxic or controlled substances, hazardous materials or subject to any US DOT regulation. Shipper agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless from any claims resulting from the breach of such warranty.
  6. All shipments may, at carriers discretion be opened or inspected to ensure the safety, security and welfare of all parties or general public.
  7. All shipments are received subject to the rates, classifications and rules that have been established by the carrier, which are available to the shipper upon request and to the terms and conditions stated herein.
  8. Fast Trac Transportation, Inc and its affiliated companies are duly licensed by the appropriate governmental bodies either to perform interstate transportation service as a motor carrier or to arrange for transportation services by other authorized motor carriers as a broker.   When carrier transports cargo on vehicles it owns, or are leased by the carrier, such transportation is provided by Fast Trac Transportation, Inc. under authority number MC-379737. Otherwise, when transportation of shipper's cargo occurs by a third-party motor carrier, such transportation service is provided by Fast Trac Acquisition, Inc. under its broker authority MC-614920.
  9. Fast Trac Transportation, Inc. may utilize a digital signature capture application at time of delivery. Customer understands and agrees that this digital signature will be used as legal proof of delivery. Digital signatures are available online and with invoicing at the customers request. This digital signature is inserted directly into a Fast Trac Transportation bill of lading. Customers requesting delivery on specific paperwork may be charged a "non-digital pod" charge.


  1. A cargo claim form may be requested via email or by downloading one, here.
  2. All claims for loss/damage must be filed with Fast Trac Transportation, Inc. in writing with nine (9) months from the date of actual delivery.
  3. In cases of concealed damage, Fast Trac Transportation must be notified in writing within fifteen (15) days from the date of actual delivery. Any concealed claim after this period will be denied.
  4. A cargo claim form along with supporting documents (signed delivery receiept, original invoice, invoice(s) for repair or replacement, pictures, etc) must be submitted together and sent to info@fasttractrans.com or mailed to our corporate office at 16220 Air Center Blvd. Houston, Texas 77032
  5. Any special circumstances or additional information should also be submitted at the same time along with a letter of explaination.
  6. In no case will Fast Trac Transportation, Inc. accept responsibility for consequential or specail damage beyond the value of the goods that are subject to the claim.
  7. Prior to any claim settlement, all freight charges must be paid in full.
  8. Prior to any claim settlement, Fast Trac Transportation, Inc. will request applicable salvage rights.
  9. Fast Trac Transportation, Inc. or its authorized representative must have reasonable access to inspect any freight or cargo for which there is a claim.
  10. Unless a value is declared in writing prior to our posession of the freight, standard limits of liability will apply.