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Celebrating 20 years in business!

Robert Cummins Fast Trac Transportation Inc President CEO
Robert Cummins
    A Message From Bob Cummins

As the president and CEO of Fast Trac Transportation I'm proud to celebrate our 20th Anniversary this year. I'm proud of where the company has come from and where we're headed.

My major goal the last couple of years has been to ensure the financial stability of the company while also striving to maintain our focus to our customers.   The road hasn't always been easy and only through our employees and drivers have we been able to succeed.

Our employees, drivers, and customers have been with us as the market sank, grew, dipped and changed quickly, and often unpredictably.   Through it though they've remained positive. I'd like to thank them for helping us to achieve what many competitors could not.

The economy is vastly different than what it was a few years ago and as we look to the future we try to visualize a steady path.   All while staying true to our core values yet we also realize that they may sometimes change with the political, financial and social changes that arise.   That our long term succes is a construct of who we were, who we are and where we strive to set ourselves apart from our competition.

I'm looking forward to the continued support of all the parts that make our company whole.   I look forward to 2017 with renewed vigour and the hope that the company's success continues not just for another 20 years - but long into the future!

Thanks to our city, our community, our employees, drivers and customers - all of whom are what help make us successful.

Bob Cummins
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